Hi, My Name Is Marius Bauer!

I’m a personal branding photographer from Berlin Kreuzberg. I love to take photos with my clients in front of carefully chosen backgrounds in different situations, and that without a lot of strict posing and especially without clichés. No forced 90s style photos, but personal and honest pictures that show you  undisguised as I perceive you. Often I also hear „…as he/she is“. Empathy is very strong with me, you know. 😉

Most of my clients describe me as a person and photographer as a sympathetic, uncomplicated and open-minded person, who always moves in a triangle of professionalism, looseness and aesthetic understanding. It is very important to me to treat my clients with respect and build a relationship at eye level to get images that „live“ and connect with the viewer.

A client of mine once said of me that I „direct imperceptibly, creating authentic moments that reveal in the image the personality and brand essence of the person being photographed.“

What many don’t know: With a degree in my pocket as a media technology engineer, followed by 10 years of experience as a graphic designer and my great interest in people and personality development and coaching, I carry a rather unique skill set as a photographer.

Besides photography, music and traveling are my great passions. Therefore, I like to travel for shootings all over Europe and even further away. The staging of people in front of urban or spectacular natural landscape backgrounds has a great fascination for me.

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